I love the challenge of rotation on my puzzles. If you prefer not using rotation, remember you can change that under custom setting. Enjoy!


folk (2018)
art (2009)
winter (783)
country (693)
farm (514)
cat (513)
autumn (452)
cats (398)
christmas (342)
holiday (281)

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Art Poulin 'Afternoon in Paris I'120Art Poulin 'Afternoon in Paris I'Bruce Kaiser 'Late for the Prom'150Bruce Kaiser 'Late for the Prom'Terry Doughty 'Fearless'150Terry Doughty 'Fearless'Dona Gelsinger 'Country General Store'150Dona Gelsinger 'Country General Store'Norman Rockwell 'Baseball vs Progress'110Norman Rockwell 'Baseball vs Progress'Rosiland Solomon 'Waterbird Magic'150Rosiland Solomon 'Waterbird Magic'Pat Scott 'Garden Helpers'99Pat Scott 'Garden Helpers'Terry Doughty 'Walleyes on the Rocks'150Terry Doughty 'Walleyes on the Rocks'Thomas Kinkade 'Wrigley Field Memories and Dreams'150Thomas Kinkade 'Wrigley Field Memories and Dreams'Julia Alexandrovna 'Good Morning'99Julia Alexandrovna 'Good Morning'

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AlbumCoverEric DowdleAlbumCoverNorman ThelwellAlbumCoverFeathered FriendsAlbumCoverJohn Sloane, ArtistAlbumCoverBill Bell, ArtistAlbumCoverMisc. HodgepodgeAlbumCoverAnimalsAlbumCoverSeasons and HolidaysAlbumCoverCountry & ScenicAlbumCoverFolk Art