Sam Timm 'Duck Inn'150Sam Timm 'Duck Inn'Sam Timm 'Farmstead Flyby'150Sam Timm 'Farmstead Flyby'Mark Keathley 'Black Bear Brook'150Mark Keathley 'Black Bear Brook'Abraham Hunter 'Thanksgiving'150Abraham Hunter 'Thanksgiving'Rick Mock 'Old Farm Truck'150Rick Mock 'Old Farm Truck'Ted Blaylock 'Rails to Pandora144Ted Blaylock 'Rails to PandoraAbraham Hunter 'Grace'150Abraham Hunter 'Grace'Terry Redlin 'For Purple Mountain Majesties'150Terry Redlin 'For Purple Mountain Majesties'Dave Barnhouse 'Last Chore of the Day'150Dave Barnhouse 'Last Chore of the Day'Ted Blaylock 'Coyote Special'150Ted Blaylock 'Coyote Special'Geno Peoples 'The Pleasures of Fall'152Geno Peoples 'The Pleasures of Fall'Mark Daehlin 'Autumn Evening'150Mark Daehlin 'Autumn Evening'Randy Van Beck 'Saturday in October'150Randy Van Beck 'Saturday in October'Pumpkin Harvest150Pumpkin HarvestGeno Peoples 'First Glimpse'152Geno Peoples 'First Glimpse'Alan Giana 'Colors of the Season'150Alan Giana 'Colors of the Season'Terry Redlin 'Highlight of the Neighborhood'150Terry Redlin 'Highlight of the Neighborhood'Terry Redlin 'Harvest Home'150Terry Redlin 'Harvest Home'William Kruetz 'As Good as it Gets'150William Kruetz 'As Good as it Gets'Untitled 2150Untitled 2