Josephine Wall 'The Spirit of Flight'150Josephine Wall 'The Spirit of Flight'Liz Goodrick-Dillon 'Mother Natures Magic'150Liz Goodrick-Dillon 'Mother Natures Magic'Ruane Manning 'Untold Memories'99Ruane Manning 'Untold Memories'Kevin Walsh 'Our Favorite Spot'150Kevin Walsh 'Our Favorite Spot'Ruane Manning 'Chief Sitting Bear'99Ruane Manning 'Chief Sitting Bear'Josephine Wall 'All Things Magical'120Josephine Wall 'All Things Magical'Les Ray 'No Privacy'130Les Ray 'No Privacy'Dan Hatala Childhood Dreams 'Summer Carnival'150Dan Hatala Childhood Dreams 'Summer Carnival'Sunday Ballet150Sunday BalletFarmer's Market - Weekend Market150Farmer's Market - Weekend MarketKrystii Melaine 'Warriors'120Krystii Melaine 'Warriors'Untitled150UntitledSidewalk Fashion150Sidewalk FashionHeide Presse 'Wash Day'150Heide Presse 'Wash Day'Mark Keathley 'The Clubhouse'150Mark Keathley 'The Clubhouse'Tricia Reilly-Mathews 'Wrapped with Love'150Tricia Reilly-Mathews 'Wrapped with Love'Pauline Paquin 'We Risk Collision'99Pauline Paquin 'We Risk Collision'Tom Newsom 'Skater's in Love'150Tom Newsom 'Skater's in Love'Jack Sorenson 'The Family Tree'99Jack Sorenson 'The Family Tree'Pauline Paquin 'Carriage'150Pauline Paquin 'Carriage'