Hi! Thanks for stopping by my puzzle page! So far I have 21 albums, including categories such as animals🐱, flowers🌼, nature🌿, food🍞, art🎨, fashion👠, architecture🏯 and holidays🎅. Most of my puzzles are set between 60-150 pieces, but of course can be customized to any number. Happy puzzling! :)


potw 427×
cute 259×
animal 240×
green 194×
cat 183×
pink 181×
flowers 169×
nature 154×
doll 153×
food 148×

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Fruity Waffles96Fruity WafflesRainbow Crepes77Rainbow CrepesVery Berry Pancakes90Very Berry PancakesEgg Waffles96Egg WafflesMargherita Pizza96Margherita PizzaDulce de Leche Crepes80Dulce de Leche CrepesSan Francisco City Hall130San Francisco City HallNational Air and Space Museum, Washington DC96National Air and Space Museum, Washington DCPainting of The Writers Museum, Edinburgh, Scotland72Painting of The Writers Museum, Edinburgh, ScotlandThe Writers Museum, Edinburgh, Scotland96The Writers Museum, Edinburgh, Scotland

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