Checks and Balances30Checks and BalancesWhat Elections are About72What Elections are AboutGrouchy Cat Hopes You Voted ;-)48Grouchy Cat Hopes You Voted ;-)Vote, It Keeps Us Free63Vote, It Keeps Us FreeGo Vote25Go VoteGo Vote48Go VoteUse Your Head, Vote60Use Your Head, VoteVote63VoteVote63VoteTexans, Go Vote!24Texans, Go Vote!Who Decides Elections77Who Decides ElectionsCats Can't Vote, But You Can!77Cats Can't Vote, But You Can!Vote63VoteVote80VoteVoting Never Goes Out of Style60Voting Never Goes Out of StyleVote63VoteWe the People63We the PeopleTo vote Texans must register one month before election56To vote Texans must register one month before electionVoting, a Hard Won Right63Voting, a Hard Won RightCome Together to Vote63Come Together to Vote