Hi! Thanks for stopping by my puzzle page! Check out my 23 albums for different categories of puzzles, including holidays, architecture, and fashion to name a few. I've created most of my puzzles between 60-120 pieces. Happy puzzling to all!


potw (526)
cute (310)
animal (241)
cat (218)
green (201)
pink (199)
flowers (194)
nature (165)
adorable (156)
doll (155)

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Weathered After the Storm, by Jason Weingart80Weathered After the Storm, by Jason WeingartLightening over Water70Lightening over WaterLenticular clouds over Mount Shasta, Brad Goldpaint130Lenticular clouds over Mount Shasta, Brad GoldpaintLenticular Clouds, by Brad Goldpaint77Lenticular Clouds, by Brad GoldpaintTree Swallows60Tree SwallowsFork-tailed Sunbird96Fork-tailed SunbirdEuropean Roller80European RollerKingfisher Fishing70Kingfisher FishingRose-breasted Cockatoo99Rose-breasted CockatooRed-winged Blackbird vs. Northern Mockingbird54Red-winged Blackbird vs. Northern Mockingbird

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