Sophisticated Kitty56Sophisticated Kitty"Too Cool for You" Kitty56"Too Cool for You" KittySuki the Cat Amongst the Flowers120Suki the Cat Amongst the FlowersRussian Blue70Russian BlueMagical Basket Cat80Magical Basket CatAbyssinian Duo80Abyssinian DuoHey! Pay attention to me!60Hey! Pay attention to me!Kitties Climbing in a Tree70Kitties Climbing in a TreeZappa, the Chic Kitty Cat80Zappa, the Chic Kitty CatA Chill Kitty Named Zappa56A Chill Kitty Named ZappaRelaxed Kitty77Relaxed KittyZappa is One Cool Cat80Zappa is One Cool CatHappy American Curl77Happy American CurlTuxedo Kitty70Tuxedo KittyVenus, the Chimera Cat90Venus, the Chimera CatNarnia, the Chimera Cat77Narnia, the Chimera CatOrange Maine Coon72Orange Maine CoonThe Rare Potted Tabby Cat88The Rare Potted Tabby CatLong-haired Cat70Long-haired CatMr. Moustache90Mr. Moustache