I enjoy finding and creating a diversity of puzzles and usually include a sampling of different subjects daily so that there are puzzles for everyone: scenic; seasons-holidays-special occasions, people, art, animals, flowers, food, colors, boats-cars-planes, etc. & misc. I hope you find a few to play. Since Jigsaw does not publish all puzzles submitted, look through the folders to see them all. And remember you can always customize the number and shape of the pieces.


300zx 20816×
food 4117×
colorful 3884×
house 3883×
colors 3635×
home 3531×
flowers 3397×
color 3299×
art 3077×
architecture 2451×

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^ Street art graffiti28^ Street art graffiti^ Sunset20^ Sunset^ A Night for Treats ~ Mary Charles24^ A Night for Treats ~ Mary Charles^ Hydrangea pink bud24^ Hydrangea pink bud^ Huge breakfast sandwich24^ Huge breakfast sandwich^ Large kitchen island with seating24^ Large kitchen island with seating^ Kettle cooking over open flame12^ Kettle cooking over open flame^ Legend of Sleepy Hollow ~ Susan Henke4^ Legend of Sleepy Hollow ~ Susan Henke^ Kiahuna Plantation, Kauai15^ Kiahuna Plantation, Kauai^ Hummingbird Cake12^ Hummingbird Cake

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