^ Quilt Star pattern16^ Quilt Star pattern^ Mossy30^ Mossy^ Cottage syle living room20^ Cottage syle living room^ Red antique stove15^ Red antique stove^ Flea market finds24^ Flea market finds^ Mending24^ Mending^ 6-piece towel set ~ ©2014 Keith Madigan Photography20^ 6-piece towel set ~ ©2014 Keith Madigan Photography^ Knucklehead Gourd15^ Knucklehead Gourd^ Whisk brooms6^ Whisk brooms^ Bowtie wreath9^ Bowtie wreath^ Orange plaid throw blanket - Etsy15^ Orange plaid throw blanket - Etsy^ Emerald green keyboard cover15^ Emerald green keyboard cover^ Prepared20^ Prepared^ Room with a scenic view24^ Room with a scenic view^ Country Farmhouse Saltbox Birdhouse16^ Country Farmhouse Saltbox Birdhouse^ Despicable Me Terra Cotta20^ Despicable Me Terra Cotta^ Bedroom Star Quilt25^ Bedroom Star Quilt^ Christmas table setting12^ Christmas table setting^ Star quilt bedroom16^ Star quilt bedroom^ Christmas Cardinal Quilt9^ Christmas Cardinal Quilt