^ 60-inch Pro Grand Range by Thermador20^ 60-inch Pro Grand Range by Thermador^ Highland Farms Estate kitchen, Paris, Kentucky24^ Highland Farms Estate kitchen, Paris, Kentucky^ Sunroom with rattan furniture24^ Sunroom with rattan furniture^ Red Plaid Furniture15^ Red Plaid Furniture^ Sunroom plants12^ Sunroom plants^ Country farmhouse dining room12^ Country farmhouse dining room^ Humor24^ Humor^ Tuscan kitchen decor24^ Tuscan kitchen decor^ Pickle candles4^ Pickle candles^ Luncheon on the porch28^ Luncheon on the porch^ Christmas reindeer tablescape24^ Christmas reindeer tablescape^ Picnic burlap silverware holder24^ Picnic burlap silverware holder^ Vintage mailbox20^ Vintage mailbox^ Polka Dot Table Setting28^ Polka Dot Table Setting^ Back porch24^ Back porch^ Magnolia centerpiece24^ Magnolia centerpiece^ Living room ~ ROB KAROSIS24^ Living room ~ ROB KAROSIS^ Vintage baby shoes6^ Vintage baby shoes^ Red, white, blue bedroom24^ Red, white, blue bedroom^ Patio24^ Patio