^ Cardinal on an icy branch18^ Cardinal on an icy branch^ Chickens and Rooster28^ Chickens and Rooster^ Macaw24^ Macaw^ Did you say something16^ Did you say something^ British Shorthair28^ British Shorthair^ Equestrian jump24^ Equestrian jump^ Winter frost24^ Winter frost^ Show how much you care30^ Show how much you care^ Mouse nest20^ Mouse nest^ Keeping a watchful eye25^ Keeping a watchful eye^ Red Betta Fish25^ Red Betta Fish^ C3-malachite with Ghecko Catch30^ C3-malachite with Ghecko Catch^ Who says this is awkward30^ Who says this is awkward^ Winter wonderland28^ Winter wonderland^ Bohemian waxwings in Kuusamo, Finland ~ Markus VaresvuoMinden24^ Bohemian waxwings in Kuusamo, Finland ~ Markus VaresvuoMinden^ Taking a Stroll16^ Taking a Stroll^ Bowling - Orange colored Persian6^ Bowling - Orange colored Persian^ In a field of yellow24^ In a field of yellow^ Lionfish20^ Lionfish^ Leafy Seahorse15^ Leafy Seahorse