I am a Catholic who enjoys making, and playing puzzles of God, Mary, the Saints and God's creation. Please click the "view all" button next to albums to see all of my albums.


catholic 271×
jesus 124×
mary 105×
woman 88×
miter 80×
girl 73×
beautiful 63×
baby 60×
man 58×
nature 58×

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Ecce Homo Watermelon Carving12Ecce Homo Watermelon CarvingColorful Maddona & Child Stained Glass36Colorful Maddona & Child Stained GlassChalk Pieta24Chalk PietaFruit and Veggie Peacock20Fruit and Veggie PeacockFruit and Veggie Owl9Fruit and Veggie OwlMonarch Caterpillar6Monarch CaterpillarSaint Michael Altarpiece42Saint Michael AltarpieceHoly Mass Mosaic24Holy Mass MosaicMary with her Father Saint Jochim28Mary with her Father Saint JochimSaint Anne Statue12Saint Anne Statue

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