Lego pumpkin carving. Or is it Legos carving a pumpkin?20Lego pumpkin carving. Or is it Legos carving a pumpkin?Lego Castle12Lego CastleLego-polar-bear-phoenix42Lego-polar-bear-phoenixLego Cathedral36Lego CathedralLEGO: The last supper32LEGO: The last supperLEGO: Moses comes down Mount Sainai24LEGO: Moses comes down Mount SainaiLego Garden20Lego GardenLego Farm42Lego FarmLego McDonalds Food35Lego McDonalds FoodLEGO sweets35LEGO sweetsMonastery Refectory20Monastery RefectoryLego Procession20Lego ProcessionLego Monastery Scriptorium20Lego Monastery ScriptoriumLego Minifleet32Lego MinifleetLEGO Rose Vase6LEGO Rose VaseLego Monastery12Lego MonasterySt-Patrick-LEGO-minifigure-minifig36St-Patrick-LEGO-minifigure-minifigLego Saint Elizabeth of Hungary20Lego Saint Elizabeth of HungaryThe Centurian's View12The Centurian's ViewThe Lego Crucifiction20The Lego Crucifiction