I am a Catholic who enjoys making, and playing puzzles of God, Mary, the Saints and God's creation. Please click the "view all" button next to albums to see all of my albums.


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The Assumption of The Virgin by Guillaume Courtois25The Assumption of The Virgin by Guillaume CourtoisThe Assumption of the Virgin by Gudio Reni12The Assumption of the Virgin by Gudio ReniThe Assumption by Cola Dell'Almatrice24The Assumption by Cola Dell'AlmatriceEPIC Sand Castle28EPIC Sand CastleSand Crucifix16Sand CrucifixCharlie Brown and Snoopy (Sunset Edition)6Charlie Brown and Snoopy (Sunset Edition)Funny Frogs ("Just. Shut. Up.")35Funny Frogs ("Just. Shut. Up.")Red Headed woodpecker16Red Headed woodpeckerRosella Parrot24Rosella ParrotMore Summer Cookies16More Summer Cookies

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