I am a Catholic who enjoys making, and playing puzzles of God, Mary, the Saints and God's creation. Please click the "view all" button next to albums to see all of my albums.


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Couple Strolling Through Cascading Flower Tunnel15Couple Strolling Through Cascading Flower TunnelForest Waterfall in Spring20Forest Waterfall in SpringMountainous Spring Scene15Mountainous Spring SceneBaby Duckling8Baby DucklingBlue Birds on a Blossom Branch24Blue Birds on a Blossom BranchBlue Jay6Blue JayBird on a Blossom Branch15Bird on a Blossom BranchTulips by the Golden Gate Bridge24Tulips by the Golden Gate BridgeTulips15TulipsDaisies12Daisies

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AlbumCoverChristmasAlbumCoverSeasonsAlbumCoverChalk ArtAlbumCoverFood ArtAlbumCoverStatuesAlbumCoverFoodAlbumCoverOld Holy Cards and PicturesAlbumCoverVariousAlbumCoverLegoAlbumCoverMosaics and Stained Glass