almost 62, feeling 32 with a liver transplant! Love setting puzzles! This site is like going to a different art museum every day! Nebraska tomboy.


art 1752×
woman 390×
design 315×
painting 309×
colorful 279×
contemporary 250×
modern 245×
fantasy 233×
abstract 224×
textile 216×

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Glass mosaic tiles56Glass mosaic tilesDelphiniums-artist unknown78Delphiniums-artist unknownD. Galchutt still life80D. Galchutt still lifeCrazy-Patchwork-by-Sharon-Boggon80Crazy-Patchwork-by-Sharon-BoggonColored grout samples80Colored grout samplesCubist-sunflowers-original-oil-painting-ana-maria-edulescu70Cubist-sunflowers-original-oil-painting-ana-maria-edulescuAmarys-andrew-astrochenko80Amarys-andrew-astrochenkoAn S.Saunders ceramic90An S.Saunders ceramicA Family by Sunita Dinda80A Family by Sunita DindaA David Galchutt-tell me the title please80A David Galchutt-tell me the title please

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