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Birch forest, Finland (c) Ossi Saarinen210Birch forest, Finland (c) Ossi SaarinenHampi, Karnataka, India by Jwalakotesh209Hampi, Karnataka, India by JwalakoteshNinepipe NWR, Montana (c) Dave Fitzpatrick180Ninepipe NWR, Montana (c) Dave FitzpatrickComing to a Complete Stop (c) 2008 Gregory Thielker180Coming to a Complete Stop (c) 2008 Gregory ThielkerPorto - (c) Andre Goncalves180Porto - (c) Andre GoncalvesLisbon - (c) Andre Goncalves180Lisbon - (c) Andre GoncalvesAveiro - (c) Andre Goncalves180Aveiro - (c) Andre GoncalvesCosmos and fog (c) kagechiyo180Cosmos and fog (c) kagechiyoBlue Lake - Imotski, Croatia180Blue Lake - Imotski, CroatiaLake Tekapo, Central Highlands, NZ - (c) James Appleton180Lake Tekapo, Central Highlands, NZ - (c) James Appleton