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DeRay Mckesson by Quinn Russell Brown221DeRay Mckesson by Quinn Russell BrownIda B. Wells-Barnett by Sallie E. Garrity35Ida B. Wells-Barnett by Sallie E. GarrityPocahontas by an unidentified artist35Pocahontas by an unidentified artistPresident Barack Obama by Kehinde Wiley198President Barack Obama by Kehinde WileyFrederick Douglass by an unidentified artist63Frederick Douglass by an unidentified artistThe Four Justices by Nelson Shanks150The Four Justices by Nelson ShanksJohn Leguizamo by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders120John Leguizamo by Timothy Greenfield-SandersLuis Jiménez by Gaspar Enríquez140Luis Jiménez by Gaspar EnríquezBig Papi by Freddy Rodríguez231Big Papi by Freddy RodríguezNeil DeGrasse Tyson by David Gamble144Neil DeGrasse Tyson by David Gamble


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