I enjoy being on the water. Spent two years going to 12 different countries seeing the sights. I do oil painting and wood work, read and do computer puzzles.


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IMG_0736 Building on our falls tour35IMG_0736 Building on our falls tourIMG_0719 Brownstone Falls MI35IMG_0719 Brownstone Falls MICopper falls Wisconsin Tree growing out of a rock35Copper falls Wisconsin Tree growing out of a rockIMG_0710 Michigan waterfalls35IMG_0710 Michigan waterfallsIMG_0708 Michigan waterfalls35IMG_0708 Michigan waterfallsIMG_0706 Mich. falls12IMG_0706 Mich. fallsMore Michigan UP falls12More Michigan UP fallsUpper Bond Falls 2 Mich30Upper Bond Falls 2 MichUpper Bond Falls MIch30Upper Bond Falls MIchBond Falls UP Mich.35Bond Falls UP Mich.

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