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Sassafras leaves in fall99Sassafras leaves in fallTwiglet the French Bulldog108Twiglet the French BulldogWoman in Ecstasy by F. Hodler112Woman in Ecstasy by F. HodlerAczent in Rosa by Kandinsky108Aczent in Rosa by KandinskyThe rising tide Vallatton108The rising tide VallattonMax-Pechstein-German-Expressionist108Max-Pechstein-German-ExpressionistBlue-painting-by-wassily-kandinsky110Blue-painting-by-wassily-kandinsky"Self portrait with monkeys and bird of paradise flower"  Kahlo108"Self portrait with monkeys and bird of paradise flower" Kahlotentacles110tentaclesFirst rays by Felix Vallatton108First rays by Felix Vallatton


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