I'm an amateur photographer who takes pictures with my mobile phone camera on my daily exercise walks in the town of Eksjö in the south of Sweden where I live. My phone is a Sony Xperia Z1 Compact with an 20,7 MP sensor I use in 16:9 format, 8 MP, HDR mode. I also use a Sony DSC-QX10 for those occasions when I need optical zoom. It's small and fits perfectly with my Z1 Compact. The images are processed in Photoshop 2015 CC using the filters from Googles Nik-Collection.


eksjö 668×
gamla stan 106×
västervik 73×
norra storgatan 53×
arendt byggmästares gata 47×
eksjöån 27×
stora torget 27×
västerlånggatan 20×
kyrka 19×
vildparken 19×

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