Leaves fall ... tragedy ... winter is coming!


ninussa (1125)
colorful (719)
photography (458)
beautiful (411)
potw (340)
color (319)
art (303)
amazing (203)
nature (176)
funny (168)

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STANDBY/SCARE32STANDBY/SCAREAh, it was so beautiful day!45Ah, it was so beautiful day!Good-Spring morning in Hintersee120Good-Spring morning in Hinterseejuicy pieces60juicy piecesold school of cartoon in polish TV/Piwna Street, Gdańsk35old school of cartoon in polish TV/Piwna Street, Gdańskpainted in gold45painted in gold'Oumuamuaan-enigmatic interstellar traveler24'Oumuamuaan-enigmatic interstellar traveler/almost/The Beatles35/almost/The Beatles...a rainbow's day end...120...a rainbow's day end...Pirelli35Pirelli

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Albumyellow submarineAlbumWOW! Nice car!AlbumMade be MY/MYSELF&IAlbumWhen the MUSIC takes controlAlbumDeath StarAlbumdeterminants of artAlbumworld-wide shoppingAlbumThe weather was good !!!Albumso twisted (but in good way)Album...something in him...