Mostly cetacean puzzles, and mostly with a lot of pieces!


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Melon-headed Whale300Melon-headed WhaleYoung Dolphin in Florida300Young Dolphin in FloridaYoung Killer Whale on the Edge of the Pool300Young Killer Whale on the Edge of the PoolAtlantic Spotted Dolphin Underwater300Atlantic Spotted Dolphin UnderwaterRecycling Dolphin300Recycling DolphinPilot Whale Breaching300Pilot Whale BreachingCommerson's Dolphin Up Close300Commerson's Dolphin Up CloseBaby Dolphin with Mother300Baby Dolphin with MotherTwo Pacific White-sided Dolphins300Two Pacific White-sided DolphinsBottlenose Dolphin Under the Surface300Bottlenose Dolphin Under the Surface


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