Canada99CanadaSegovia, Espanha100Segovia, EspanhaQuébec et son double d'après Constance Lamoureux98Québec et son double d'après Constance LamoureuxPenzance and Land's End – Cornwall96Penzance and Land's End – CornwallMosteiro dos Jerônimos99Mosteiro dos JerônimosBucharest, Romania99Bucharest, RomaniaDragon Bridge, Vietnam96Dragon Bridge, VietnamDruid Falls, Iceland100Druid Falls, IcelandSouth Tyroll, Italy by Kyrenian99South Tyroll, Italy by KyrenianAustria96AustriaYesnaby Sea Stack, Orkney96Yesnaby Sea Stack, OrkneyThe Alcázar of Seville100The Alcázar of SevilleMassachussets99MassachussetsThe colours of Santorini100The colours of SantoriniThe Golden Temple, in Amritsar, India100The Golden Temple, in Amritsar, IndiaLagos, town in the fantastic Algarve100Lagos, town in the fantastic AlgarveBell tower near the small Russian town of Kalyazin100Bell tower near the small Russian town of KalyazinRockport, Massachusetts99Rockport, MassachusettsArizona99ArizonaBlack Forest, Germany96Black Forest, Germany