another year together: let's go! une autre année ensemble: allons nous en! um outro ano juntos: "vambora"! otro año juntos: vamos!


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🎨PhotoArt 📷 @zuckerwatte 1907 Turquia80🎨PhotoArt 📷 @zuckerwatte 1907 TurquiaPraia das estrelas, Bocas Del Toro, Panamá80Praia das estrelas, Bocas Del Toro, PanamáTwinning Indian Eagle Owls by Mann Arya an Indian photographer80Twinning Indian Eagle Owls by Mann Arya an Indian photographerBy Katharina Jung - model is photographe80By Katharina Jung - model is photographeParque Bicentenário, Chile 📷@picchionicambio80Parque Bicentenário, Chile 📷@picchionicambioBoy and birds80Boy and birdsAltes Rathaus, Germany 📷Uwe Shlick.@ uwe.schlick80Altes Rathaus, Germany 📷Uwe Shlick.@ uwe.schlickBunratty Castle, Ireland80Bunratty Castle, IrelandA Citröen Traction Avant by @patrickcolpron80A Citröen Traction Avant by @patrickcolpronArt of drawing by Stefan Kahlhammer81Art of drawing by Stefan Kahlhammer

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