As a high school math teacher, creating and working puzzles is my creative outlet and stress reliever. At the current time, I do not have internet access during the weekdays so all my puzzling will have to be on the weekends. I really am glad that we can message each other now. My sister, MuchLovedbyGlenn, is my best friend and we enjoy doing real life puzzles together whenever we get a chance. Online puzzles, though, have been a source of fun as well. Happy puzzling, y’all, from a Texas gal!


beautiful 224×
pretty 214×
green 187×
blue 125×
nature 122×
outdoors 94×
white 92×
sky 87×
flower 82×
scene 81×

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Hydrangeas Galore20Hydrangeas GaloreGull Lake30Gull LakeGlasswinged Butterfly on Flower20Glasswinged Butterfly on FlowerPink Rose Against Brick12Pink Rose Against BrickThe Kaffir Lily - Black Backdrop30The Kaffir Lily - Black BackdropAlbino Deer Blue Eyes15Albino Deer Blue EyesGloriosa (Flame) Lily Up Close20Gloriosa (Flame) Lily Up CloseWood Grain - Boards on Boards20Wood Grain - Boards on BoardsNannyberry12NannyberryBird in Flight16Bird in Flight


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