My Dear Friends, I am happy to get to know you one person at the time and to know that I am on the right site. I always loved puzzles, and having to play it online and not losing pieces is an added bonus. Since my vision is not the greatest, I am forced to play only up to 24 pieces comfortably. However it doesn’t stop me from playing larger number of pieces, thanks to the “play as” feature where one could choose an amount and shape of pieces to play with. You do the same! Thanks for playing my puzzles.


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Abstract Art "HER MUSIC" Colorful digital illustration16Abstract Art "HER MUSIC" Colorful digital illustrationABSTRACT ART -colorful digital 3D geometric16ABSTRACT ART -colorful digital 3D geometricAbstract Folk Art~ COLORFUL CAT20Abstract Folk Art~ COLORFUL CATAbstract art -Painting "Orchestra "16Abstract art -Painting "Orchestra "My Pink Shoe ~makeup holder cosmetics20My Pink Shoe ~makeup holder cosmeticsDISNEY "LILO AND STITCH"cartoon animation illustration colorful16DISNEY "LILO AND STITCH"cartoon animation illustration colorfulDISNEY. "ARISTOCATS "cartoon animation illustration colorful bea16DISNEY. "ARISTOCATS "cartoon animation illustration colorful beaDISNEY. "LADY AND THE -TRAMP"cartoon animation illustration colo16DISNEY. "LADY AND THE -TRAMP"cartoon animation illustration coloDISNEY "DUMBO"cartoon animation illustration colorful beautiful16DISNEY "DUMBO"cartoon animation illustration colorful beautifulDISNEY "PINOCCHIO"cartoon animation illustration colorful beauti16DISNEY "PINOCCHIO"cartoon animation illustration colorful beauti


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