I love pattern and color. I began playing the puzzles here and am now creating my own puzzles. I hope you like them. I like to play a variety of sizes and styles and you will see that here. Some are my "original art" and are tagged as such, please ask my permission to use those. Enjoy!


colorful (73)
color (65)
original art (48)
art (47)
digital (43)
abstract (41)
mandala (35)
kaleidoscope (33)
bright (29)
pattern (28)

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Daisy-bottles300Daisy-bottlesColored Bottles 2198Colored Bottles 2Haarlem-Old-buildings-in-amsterdam204Haarlem-Old-buildings-in-amsterdamWoodshop by Julie Seabrook Ream110Woodshop by Julie Seabrook ReamBeads colorful decoration jewelry color gems108Beads colorful decoration jewelry color gemsColonial-san-sebastian-puerto-vallarta-mexico-4300Colonial-san-sebastian-puerto-vallarta-mexico-4Agate lace mandala210Agate lace mandalaMicroscopic plant cells 2196Microscopic plant cells 2Antique bottles35Antique bottlesBottles photograph by Nan Palermo45Bottles photograph by Nan Palermo


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