Welcome to the wide world of my pictures. These puzzles are organized into 62 albums by locale or theme. Enjoy


maine 111×
mountains 106×
lighthouse 90×
colorado 74×
england 59×
norway 59×
rocky 58×
the 58×
14ers 54×
new zealand 51×

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O'KEEFFE: Coxcomb100O'KEEFFE: CoxcombO'KEEFFE: An Orchid80O'KEEFFE: An OrchidO'KEEFFE: Small Purple Hills90O'KEEFFE: Small Purple HillsO'KEEFFE:Abstraction White Rose80O'KEEFFE:Abstraction White RosePine trunks90Pine trunksField of lupine110Field of lupineColorado twilight110Colorado twilightSunset over Rocky Mountain NP110Sunset over Rocky Mountain NPSunrise over Alpine Lakes, WA120Sunrise over Alpine Lakes, WASan Mateo shoreline99San Mateo shoreline

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AlbumOkeefAlbumWaterfallsAlbumBeachesAlbumSunrise/SunsetAlbumChurchesAlbumLighthousesAlbumColorado FourteenersAlbumBirdsAlbumNational ParksAlbumMiscellaneous