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Acting Contrary42Acting ContraryComfortably Numb42Comfortably NumbDon't Make Me Mad42Don't Make Me MadWhere Are We Going?42Where Are We Going?I Say Why?42I Say Why?Caught On Camera24Caught On CameraI'll Take My Top Back24I'll Take My Top BackPick A Place For Lunch24Pick A Place For LunchWhere Fashion Sits24Where Fashion SitsI Really Like You24I Really Like YouFeeling Good24Feeling GoodPlay It Cool24Play It CoolWhat Do You Suggest?24What Do You Suggest?Lovely Lais12Lovely LaisNatural Beauty12Natural BeautyLifeguard On Duty12Lifeguard On DutyIt's Not That Simple12It's Not That SimpleI Know What I Saw12I Know What I SawStaring Contest12Staring ContestLoose Strap12Loose Strap