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Crazy Like A Fox35Crazy Like A FoxAlways In The Cold35Always In The ColdShe's A Biter35She's A BiterRittenhouse Square, Philadelphia35Rittenhouse Square, PhiladelphiaPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania35Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaBoston, Massachusetts35Boston, MassachusettsStunning35StunningWhenever You're Ready35Whenever You're ReadyMassachusetts, Where My Grandmother Was Born35Massachusetts, Where My Grandmother Was BornPennsylvania, Where My Grandfather Was Born35Pennsylvania, Where My Grandfather Was BornIn My Neighborhood? I Don't Think So35In My Neighborhood? I Don't Think SoThink Back35Think BackSnow Day35Snow DayColorado, Where My Younger Brother & I Was Born35Colorado, Where My Younger Brother & I Was BornCalifornia, Where My Older Brother Was Born35California, Where My Older Brother Was BornWhere'd You Come From?35Where'd You Come From?I Know Her as Dee35I Know Her as DeeAll Eyes On Me35All Eyes On MeHawaii, Where My Mother Was Born35Hawaii, Where My Mother Was BornUtah, Where My Father Was Born35Utah, Where My Father Was Born