Located in Historic Downtown Kernersville, NC, USA. A place of unique beauty seeking to inspire, enlighten, and connect people of all ages to the world of plants, gardening and horticulture, and to surprise our visitors with our beauty and scope.


ciener (150)
summer (129)
flowers (126)
gardens (55)
pollinators (38)
tropicals (34)
bulbs (25)
spring (24)
fragrant (9)
tulips (9)

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Passion Flower Vine143Passion Flower Vine8 -Zinnia Flower1438 -Zinnia Flower8 -Zinnia Flower (2)1208 -Zinnia Flower (2)8 -Teddy Bear Sunflower (3)1508 -Teddy Bear Sunflower (3)8 -Teddy Bear Sunflower (2)1308 -Teddy Bear Sunflower (2)8 -Crinum lily1408 -Crinum lily8 -Crinum lily (2)1178 -Crinum lily (2)7 -Monarch on Zinnia1327 -Monarch on Zinnia7 -Hummingbird Clearwing1327 -Hummingbird Clearwing7 -Bee on Thistle1207 -Bee on Thistle


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