love to take pictures and make puzzles. some of them are not mine. But I precise the source. My website is in french.


nature (99)
green (75)
animal (45)
flowers (45)
animals (43)
flower (43)
blue (39)
cat (35)
beautiful (30)
white (28)

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Injecteur de Twingo /Twingo Injector99Injecteur de Twingo /Twingo InjectorGoutte de pluie sur rose238Goutte de pluie sur roseThe Bait300The BaitJack the Cat300Jack the CatCat Chat (called/appelé Timinou)300Cat Chat (called/appelé Timinou)dandelion pissenlit300dandelion pissenlitTree cut300Tree cutUnder the tree300Under the treeSunset on Lake300Sunset on LakeWonderful Lampshades sculpture288Wonderful Lampshades sculpture


AlbumCoverMy Favorites SeriesAlbumCoverDead Tree / Arbre MortAlbumCoverPeu de pièces / Few piècesAlbumCoverSportsAlbumCoverMonuments / BuildingsAlbumCoverAutres / OthersAlbumCoverAnimaux / AnimalsAlbumCoverPaysages / LandscapesAlbumCoverFleurs / Flowers