squimy (105)
star (93)
trek (83)
kirk (43)
spock (30)
sky (28)
mccoy (21)
architecture (20)
clouds (18)
nature (18)

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I.214 Wallace35I.214 WallaceI.204 Gustavus35I.204 GustavusI.202 Sertorius35I.202 SertoriusI.187 Vanquished Mithradites35I.187 Vanquished MithraditesI.185 Hallowing faithful loves35I.185 Hallowing faithful lovesI.96 Aeolian visitations35I.96 Aeolian visitationsI.79 some work Of glory35I.79 some work Of gloryI.74 The one Cottage which methought I saw32I.74 The one Cottage which methought I sawI.72 A known Vale35I.72 A known ValeI.63 A green shady place35I.63 A green shady place


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