I make some puzzles, all of them are public. My Albums include, by now: Food/Drinks; Random Characters(most anime); VOCALOIDs/UTAUs; Fantasy/Surreal; Flowers/Plants/Trees; Animals; Houses/Interiors etc.; Beautiful Dresses; Artists; Music; Aleatory(not included in any category); And, at last, my ★☆Featured Puzzles☆★ Have Fun! ;D


beautiful 573×
anime 406×
vocaloid 340×
cute 316×
pretty 231×
girl 212×
animal 198×
food 198×
delicious 184×
art 180×

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Beautiful burgundy colored flower12Beautiful burgundy colored flowerCamellia japonica6Camellia japonicaCamellia japonica12Camellia japonicaComfy wave24Comfy waveIceberg4IcebergCat on a swing48Cat on a swingCat48CatSleeping Cat48Sleeping CatUnicorn Latte Art by Daphne Tan9Unicorn Latte Art by Daphne TanSheikh Lotfollah Mosque60Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque

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AlbumCover ★☆Featured Puzzles☆★AlbumCover MusicAlbumCover Artists (Photographs,Paintings,Drawings)AlbumCover Beautiful DressesAlbumCover Architecture/Houses/Interiors/DecorAlbumCover AnimalsAlbumCover Flowers/Plants/TreesAlbumCover Fantasy/SurrealAlbumCover AleatoryAlbumCover Vocaloid/Utau