My first and best friend here is Meiki. Thank you for great puzzles and laughs, Meiki [and jigsaw planet] ;D


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My mother used to have all these cake ornaments!240My mother used to have all these cake ornaments!This looks a bit Greecey as well...238This looks a bit Greecey as well......very greecey...240...very greecey...Awadhi prawns in a vignette dressing238Awadhi prawns in a vignette dressingBeefed-up240Beefed-upCake. I'm sure I recognise this240Cake. I'm sure I recognise this*screams* What are these???100*screams* What are these???Oh dear, are we being crêpey again?240Oh dear, are we being crêpey again?And now, back to food prawn238And now, back to food prawnA good grilling238A good grilling

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