My first and best friend here is Meiki. Thank you for great puzzles and laughs, Meiki [and jigsaw planet] ;D


food 1244×
art 301×
friend 159×
glass 83×
chihuly 76×
myst 74×
sprouts 63×
colour 61×
wallpaper 49×
fruit 47×

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Egging him on...240Egging him on...Sweetie! [eating the garden again]238Sweetie! [eating the garden again]The case of the Lazy Plate-Maker...240The case of the Lazy Plate-Maker..."Start wearing purple, wearing purple..."240"Start wearing purple, wearing purple..."Food on the table - without plate238Food on the table - without plateShall we let the gourmets explain?240Shall we let the gourmets explain?What -itarians are Klingons again?198What -itarians are Klingons again? welcome back welcome back Meiki...Waffling and jamming240Waffling and jammingTo the jigsaw puzzle king!240To the jigsaw puzzle king!

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