Most of my puzzles are objects or places. I don't care much for puzzles of people or animals. Increasingly I care more about the composition of the original picture that I do the actual subject matter.


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Citroen Traction Avant Rally Car150Citroen Traction Avant Rally CarChevrolet Grain Truck150Chevrolet Grain Truck1951 Chevrolet Rally Car Auto Vehicle1501951 Chevrolet Rally Car Auto VehicleCzech Rally Cars150Czech Rally CarsCustom Chevrolet Chevy Truck 2150Custom Chevrolet Chevy Truck 2Custom Chevrolet Chevy Truck150Custom Chevrolet Chevy TruckRussian Rally Car150Russian Rally CarRussian Car150Russian Car1939 Ford1501939 FordHudson Hornet150Hudson Hornet

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