I am a 68-yr old retired businessman living with my wife, 3 cats and 4 dogs in the west "nature coast" of Florida, 45 miles north of Tampa. Due to an autoimmune disease (TM/MS), I am paraplegic with lots of time to work jigsaw puzzles, sudoku puzzles (in ink, of course), online chess, and college basketball. I make challenging puzzles from the many images I like and find in Pinterest, Pixdaus, NatGeo, Google image, etc. I pay little attention to time--it's not a race. I just enjoy the process. Open 2 chat


colorful 79×
birds 63×
art 53×
sunset 53×
flowers 47×
raptor 38×
landscape 34×
sea 32×
bird 29×
architecture 24×

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Saguaro away r4Cactus Flowers Blooming160Saguaro away r4Cactus Flowers BloomingSaguaro cactus forest near tucson arizona160Saguaro cactus forest near tucson arizonaSaguaro Cactus160Saguaro CactusLandscape Bartolome Island Galapados108Landscape Bartolome Island GalapadosArizona Sunset160Arizona SunsetSunset North Carolina's Brunswick Islands150Sunset North Carolina's Brunswick IslandsSunset Oahu160Sunset OahuSunset in Paradise110Sunset in ParadiseGetting Sleepy70Getting SleepySpectrum77Spectrum

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