I am a 68-yr old retired businessman living with my wife, 3 cats and 4 dogs in the west "nature coast" of Florida, 45 miles north of Tampa. Due to an autoimmune disease (TM/MS), I am paraplegic with lots of time to work jigsaw puzzles, sudoku puzzles (in ink, of course), online chess, and college basketball. I make challenging puzzles from the many images I like and find in Pinterest, Pixdaus, NatGeo, Google image, etc. I pay little attention to time--it's not a race. I just enjoy the process. Open 2 chat


colorful 95×
birds 78×
sunset 68×
art 59×
flowers 54×
sea 45×
landscape 44×
raptor 38×
trees 34×
bird 33×

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