I enjoy making new jigsaw puzzles of animals, art, people, houses, TV-series I like and nature in all sizes. You are more than welcome to try them as I enjoy yours!


potw 431×
birds 151×
nature 131×
artwork 112×
easter 99×
art 97×
lighthouse 97×
animal 96×
landscape 77×
photography 77×

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Provincial Railway Station Nybro Småland Sweden221Provincial Railway Station Nybro Småland SwedenLinnea Lake Nybro Småland Sweden160Linnea Lake Nybro Småland SwedenJutarnas Road 2 Nybro Småland Sweden168Jutarnas Road 2 Nybro Småland SwedenQuarnaslätt Nybro Småland Sweden120Quarnaslätt Nybro Småland SwedenVäxjö in Småland Sweden228Växjö in Småland SwedenKronoberg's Castle Ruins 01250Kronoberg's Castle Ruins 01Växjö Småland Sweden 01240Växjö Småland Sweden 01Teleborg's Castle Växjö Småland Sweden240Teleborg's Castle Växjö Småland SwedenVäxjö Cathedral and the Linné Park Småland Sweden120Växjö Cathedral and the Linné Park Småland SwedenVäxjö Hostel Evedal Småland Sweden200Växjö Hostel Evedal Småland Sweden

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AlbumNybro - Where I Grew UpAlbumVäxjö - The Town Where I Was BornAlbumFlowersAlbumChiswick House Dog ShowAlbumThe Fortunes and Misfortunes of Moll FlandersAlbumTraditional Polish Wedding ClothesAlbumPolish Folk CostumesAlbumWatermills and Old BarnsAlbumMushroomsAlbumGregory Frank Harris 1953