All photos are mine unless otherwise noted by watermark or credits in the title. All photos that are not mine are used with permission from the photographer.


florida (139)
water (110)
tropical (88)
sky (81)
beach (79)
garden (75)
nature (60)
plant (58)
flora (55)
ocean (53)

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Autumn and Country Roads.64Autumn and Country Roads.Thunderstorm over Florida.64Thunderstorm over Florida.New Pineapple.64New Pineapple.Vero Chamber of Commerce, Photo by Bob Craig.60Vero Chamber of Commerce, Photo by Bob Craig.The Blue Star63The Blue StarClouds over Vero.60Clouds over Vero.Perfect Beach Day! Photo by Dawn A. Ellis‎.60Perfect Beach Day! Photo by Dawn A. Ellis‎.Sunrise on the Sand Dune.64Sunrise on the Sand Dune.Bridge and Tall Grass.64Bridge and Tall Grass.Colorful Turtle. Photo by Bob Craig.60Colorful Turtle. Photo by Bob Craig.

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