The majority of my puzzles are pictures of cars from the UK that were (mostly) made from 1947 to 1967 ... sources are given on my website, often with additional pictures. Food also plays an important part in my life, as does music ... both are covered here as well.


classic car (1899)
classic british car (1781)
foodporn (104)
miscellany (79)
classic british cars (24)
classic cars (24)
food (18)
alternative reality (17)
fantasy (16)
classic train (14)

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Jaguar 420 Junkers48Jaguar 420 JunkersDutch Farm32Dutch FarmProper Public Transport70Proper Public TransportCanadian Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie45Canadian Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie1961 Ford Consul Classic701961 Ford Consul ClassicMorris Minor Calling72Morris Minor CallingWind-driven Waves, Manitoulin Island42Wind-driven Waves, Manitoulin Island1950 AC Buckland701950 AC Buckland1950 Ford Prefect E493A Utility701950 Ford Prefect E493A UtilityPork and Rabbit Pie36Pork and Rabbit Pie


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