I make puzzles mostly of the Cats & Kittens that have been rescued by TinyKittens. Go to tinykittens.com for more info about the important work they do and their 24/7 Livestream link. I'm just a fan and am not affiliated with tinykittens.com or have their approval/or disapproval. The puzzles are posted on facebook for "awww" and "squee" and entertainment purposes only.


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Ray of the Kinks kittens48Ray of the Kinks kittensRed Puff Stalemate50Red Puff StalemateBirthday Party98Birthday PartyAura Climbing Mt. Shelly81Aura Climbing Mt. ShellyPrincess Consuela with One of her Personal Attendants45Princess Consuela with One of her Personal AttendantsChloe's Happy Tail55Chloe's Happy TailChlo-Chlo, why are you comfort nursing those hooligans?54Chlo-Chlo, why are you comfort nursing those hooligans?Beezus on flowers, June 29 201872Beezus on flowers, June 29 2018Ribsy IS the Welcome Wagon49Ribsy IS the Welcome WagonAura, while Chloe gets fluids72Aura, while Chloe gets fluids


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