The Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library, University of Toronto, is the largest repository of publicly accessible rare books and manuscripts in Canada. The Library acquires, makes accessible and preserves comprehensive research collections of national and international significance. It serves the faculty, staff, students and alumni of the University, as well as the general public. The images used for these puzzles are just a small sampling of the materials in our collections.


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Chatelaine 1929130Chatelaine 1929Book of Hours 15th century (Mss 01031)140Book of Hours 15th century (Mss 01031)Barry's Tricopherous120Barry's TricopherousHa Ha Bay, Saguenay, Quebec by Sir Edmund Walker, ca. 1859120Ha Ha Bay, Saguenay, Quebec by Sir Edmund Walker, ca. 1859Queen Victoria117Queen VictoriaFisher Library120Fisher LibraryTrillium from Chamberlin's Canadian Wildflowers130Trillium from Chamberlin's Canadian WildflowersFrontispiece to Mrs. Perkins's Ball by Thackeray120Frontispiece to Mrs. Perkins's Ball by Thackeray"Cholic' by George Cruikshank (1819)110"Cholic' by George Cruikshank (1819)Marie Chapdelaine (1933)110Marie Chapdelaine (1933)


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