I guess I am a lot of things and I like a lot of things. I've made a record breaking amount of albums for silly/serious/procrastination-ing. I'm a huge Otaku, but whatever I make depends on the day and the mood i'm in. If I stopped making puzzles for a certain thing you liked, let me know and I'll make an effort to put more in. If I take huge breaks, i'm sorry, life happens sometimes. Puzzle on. ;)


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Chips potato chips food 22412842Chips potato chips food 224128Cucumber food vegetable 21625712Cucumber food vegetable 216257Food muffins cup cake 22388324Food muffins cup cake 223883Food baking cake 22002835Food baking cake 2200282666017bcca6c59c6c1227eb99187194 cp722666017bcca6c59c6c1227eb99187194 cp8423a3320679483a4dbe521202455f68 bp408423a3320679483a4dbe521202455f68 bpChibi Hospital32Chibi Hospital7951fde7a9e53dcf31cf0e86cab30ca2 bp307951fde7a9e53dcf31cf0e86cab30ca2 bp07862fceefeb7c56ab4bbb7eeedeb0a2 cp1207862fceefeb7c56ab4bbb7eeedeb0a2 cp7776d9a6a8b074967372ff4305541dda bp407776d9a6a8b074967372ff4305541dda bp

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