As you may have guessed, I love food and cars. Thank you for playing my puzzles! Anything tagged "OP" is from my own work.


food 78×
foodporn 66×
dessert 50×
sweet 48×
colors 46×
breakfast 33×
car 31×
classic 31×
donuts 31×
american 29×

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Godiva Tiramisu Cheesecake Bites48Godiva Tiramisu Cheesecake BitesGigi's Donuts (Homer, AK)50Gigi's Donuts (Homer, AK)Belle Kitchen (Oklahoma City, OK)28Belle Kitchen (Oklahoma City, OK)The Donut Experiment (Greenville, SC)12The Donut Experiment (Greenville, SC)Strange Donuts (St. Louis, MO)30Strange Donuts (St. Louis, MO)The Donut Whole (Wichita, KS)24The Donut Whole (Wichita, KS)Bearscat Bakehouse (Bismarck, ND)45Bearscat Bakehouse (Bismarck, ND)Johnny O's Spudnuts (Logan, UT)40Johnny O's Spudnuts (Logan, UT)Good Old-Fashioned Cheeseburger54Good Old-Fashioned CheeseburgerGuru Donuts (Boise, ID)35Guru Donuts (Boise, ID)


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