Closeup of colorful butterfly4Closeup of colorful butterflySmall truck!9Small truck!America and Wall Street9America and Wall StreetTeddies meet the dolls!9Teddies meet the dolls!Pretty and polished pottery!9Pretty and polished pottery!Bright and colorful beads!4Bright and colorful beads!Colorful umbrellas for your drink!!9Colorful umbrellas for your drink!!Fractal9FractalMosaic design4Mosaic designKaleidoscope4KaleidoscopeColorful abstract9Colorful abstractFish-y art!9Fish-y art!Amazing Murano glass candy bowl9Amazing Murano glass candy bowlMurano candy dish4Murano candy dishCuddly bear!4Cuddly bear!Colorful abstract4Colorful abstractBooks, books, and more books!4Books, books, and more books!How do you water all these plants??12How do you water all these plants??Colorful mosaic artwork4Colorful mosaic artworkCloseup of Euro coin in water!4Closeup of Euro coin in water!