Hi and blessings to you all!! I love jigsaw puzzles, especially cat ones. If you go to my cat puzzles, You'll see my black beauty, Bella! Unforunately, my Bella has gone to the Rainbow Bridge on 9/22/18, and I miss her very much. I have a puzzle set up in my family room always, usually a seasonal scene or something I really like. Bella never once has disturbed those puzzle pieces!! Keep jigsawing and be blessed! This site is so much fun, so let's keep those puzzles going!!


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I’m watching you!4I’m watching you!Beautiful black panther!4Beautiful black panther!Oh, no I didn’t!!9Oh, no I didn’t!!Ready for my glamour shot!9Ready for my glamour shot!Winter at dusk6Winter at duskCloseup of pheasant4Closeup of pheasantBeautiful winter sunset!12Beautiful winter sunset!Ha ha!!12Ha ha!!I love this cold weather!4I love this cold weather!Colorful knitting supplies!9Colorful knitting supplies!

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