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textiles (111)
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Tree (by Michelle Mischkulnig)56Tree (by Michelle Mischkulnig)Heart of Colorful Fruits and Vegetables90Heart of Colorful Fruits and VegetablesColorful Mandala Stones (by Elspeth McLean)90Colorful Mandala Stones (by Elspeth McLean)Mermaid Swimming Upstream56Mermaid Swimming UpstreamOcean Waves63Ocean WavesGuardian of Winter (by Silke Cliatt)48Guardian of Winter (by Silke Cliatt)Old City (by Michelle Mischkulnig)120Old City (by Michelle Mischkulnig)"Taking Flight" (by Michelle Mischkulnig)49"Taking Flight" (by Michelle Mischkulnig)The Garden (4) (by Michelle Mischkulnig)63The Garden (4) (by Michelle Mischkulnig)City by the Sea (1) (created by Michelle Mischkulnig)300City by the Sea (1) (created by Michelle Mischkulnig)


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