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4064 puzzles tagged house

^ Winter village snow18^ Winter village snow^ English style home24^ English style home^ Picket Fence around cottage20^ Picket Fence around cottage^ Quilt Star pattern16^ Quilt Star pattern^ Mount Pleasant House was built in 1876, Los Angeles, Californi20^ Mount Pleasant House was built in 1876, Los Angeles, Californi^ First Crocuses ~ Louise Rawlings16^ First Crocuses ~ Louise Rawlings^ Milford Square ~ Walter Emerson Baum20^ Milford Square ~ Walter Emerson Baum^ Going Sledding ~ Louise Rawlings25^ Going Sledding ~ Louise Rawlings^ Cottage syle living room20^ Cottage syle living room^ Winter scene24^ Winter scene^ Granpa's Farm ~ Jesse Barnes24^ Granpa's Farm ~ Jesse Barnes^ Winter in the Village - Louise Rawlings30^ Winter in the Village - Louise Rawlings^ Painted Ladies, San Francisco, California28^ Painted Ladies, San Francisco, California^ Moore House, Yorktown, Virginia24^ Moore House, Yorktown, Virginia^ Winter Farm ~ Debbie Criswell20^ Winter Farm ~ Debbie Criswell^ Carriage House, 1840, Columbia, PA24^ Carriage House, 1840, Columbia, PA^ American Gothic Folk Art30^ American Gothic Folk Art^ Cotswold, England35^ Cotswold, England^ Frozen house on Lake Ontario20^ Frozen house on Lake Ontario^ Home in Clinton, North Carolina28^ Home in Clinton, North Carolina