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^ Christmas Hands Mittens Gifts24^ Christmas Hands Mittens Gifts^ Krispy Kreme Original Glazed Doughnuts24^ Krispy Kreme Original Glazed Doughnuts^ Multi-color Cardamine pratensis20^ Multi-color Cardamine pratensis^ Landscape ~ Yaryna Bosak24^ Landscape ~ Yaryna Bosak^ Persimmon bread pudding24^ Persimmon bread pudding^ Peonies Sorbet25^ Peonies Sorbet^ Nuts fresh acorn oak tree leaves autumn24^ Nuts fresh acorn oak tree leaves autumn^ Lollipop candy24^ Lollipop candy^ Pehoe Lake, Chile24^ Pehoe Lake, Chile^ Christmas house, Vancouver, Canada15^ Christmas house, Vancouver, Canada^ Christmas on the pier24^ Christmas on the pier^ Sweet 'n' Sticky Honey Farm - Mark Frost24^ Sweet 'n' Sticky Honey Farm - Mark Frost^ Johnny Jump Ups in basket24^ Johnny Jump Ups in basket^ Tied with a bow24^ Tied with a bow^ Build your own ham sandwich24^ Build your own ham sandwich^ Butter Pecan Layer Cake25^ Butter Pecan Layer Cake^ View from within24^ View from within^ Tram, Lisbon24^ Tram, Lisbon^ Vintage aprons on the clothesline24^ Vintage aprons on the clothesline^ Grilled clams24^ Grilled clams